These Extreme Close Up Shots Of Everyday Objects Will Change The Way You Look At Things

Things are not always what they seem. Look closer and a new world will be revealed. No, I’m not trying to hypnotize anyone. Just trying to to pimp out these amazing close up shots of everyday objects. It’s amazing how surfaces we think are smooth reveal themselves to be coarse and rough once we zoom in. Almost like a metaphor for people, isn’t it? Don’t worry, I won’t drag you into a deep metaphysical conversation.

Check these out.

Pages in a book


An apple stalk


A grain of sugar


Incense stick




A grain of beach-sand


A screw


Corn flake




The ‘X’-key on the keyboard




A serrated knife


Kitchen sponge


Spaghetti noodle


Soap foam


Corrugated fiberboard


Brass key


Ball-point pen

All images sourced from Imgur.