The Ultimate Compilation of Weird / Funny Japanese Moments Pt. 1: Game Show

Weird and funny things always happen in Japan.
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Japan is the global center of weird shit. Their Game Shows, Pranks, and other shenanigans are unmatched by any other country in the world. Prepare for a hilarious funny compilation of Japanese moments.

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Original funny Japanese videos:

Weird Japanese Game Show

Bizzare Track & Sex Game Show

Weird Japanese Ass Driller Game Show

Japanese Girl Ass Machine Gun Scene

Creepy Poodle Exercise w/ Humans

Extremely Odd Movie Scene

Funny Flipping Chair Prank

Hilarious Binocular Soccer Game

Hysterical Japanese Nut-Shot Game Show

Funny Danish Beer Commercial:

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  1. San Stx says:

    4:43 WTF? This is too mutch for me.

  2. Larisa Osmancevic says:

    6:45 where do i buy that?

  3. Pure Heart says:

    japan needs jesus

  4. Fetty Mcwap says:

    1:29 my boy out here hustling for some of that "if you want it you earn it" he once said to me, I respect him.

  5. renato valdivia says:


  6. The Derpy Squid Commander says:

    what the heck is wrong with japan.

  7. Zero Hello says:

    @thien nguyen

  8. Nicole H says:

    This is what happens when you get rid of the feudal era

  9. Will Hart says:

    The Japanese are usually so polite and correct and serious in social situations. They use TV to get real silly and crazy and blow steam off….

  10. Justsunforagoodday says:

    The "sugē" one just finish me >'D

  11. kairu kun93 says:

    4:09 lol 5:05 WTF? XD

  12. Wisteria Rosewood 藤月 says:

    In America they have Katy Perry with her boobs cannon , and in Japan they took it to a whole new and improved level !

  13. KadhafHap says:


  14. Eivind Vinne says:

    Look at what the nukes did to this people!

  15. Christopher Szappan says:

    Hahahaha damn they use the weirdest ideas ever

  16. Sharc Blazer says:

    I want an ass cannon xD

  17. SchurrSchnurr says:

    What the … :O 5:12

  18. keyvan ahrari says:

    What the actual heck did I just witness? O-o

  19. no says:

    Were they having sex at 2:38