The Office All Bloopers


  1. Jamie Ellis says:

    Big fan of the six-minute freeze on shirtless Jim

  2. SuperTerryBros. says:

    At least once a year, I try to bring in some of my Kevin's famous chili.

  3. kylenocare says:

    1:52:02 is the best improv ever. It had me literally in tears. Just the way Rainn and John go back and forth with the bat weavel and smug walk. Jesus so good. 

  4. Magna Proxy says:

    Is that Stephen Merchant's voice at 51:28?

  5. Tim Mullenbach says:

    I would love steve carell as my boss

  6. Whatatay T says:

    Laughing is not a blooper nor is intentionally messing up your linex to get a laugh. The worst is when they keep showing the same scene over and over with the actor laughing. It's not funny. Please edit these out to bring this video down to the actual 10 minutes of bloopers.

  7. soscot says:

    1:14:32 – 33 rainn wilson kissing! he's hot! i love him.

  8. Skyhighblu says:


  9. Jesus. Christ says:

    Hot set do not use!?

  10. Turnit Up says:

    2:17 … "He said I was dull." LOL

  11. kameron648 says:

    Watched all 2 hours in one sitting I'm exhausted from laughing xD

  12. ryan comiskey says:

    the office: the movie

  13. n0ob90210 says:

    its great to see toby and stanley laugh they are always so serious in the show LOL

  14. Greg Hornby says:

    Holy crap Kevin's actor's real voice!

  15. Doogie Spence says:

    Best show of all time.

  16. shawn batten says:

    51:41 you're welcome! lmaoooooo

  17. dolan dak says:

    Man I hated Holly so much. I wish he had ended up with Jan. She was so funny

  18. GeekedGamer says:

    8:53 "CARNAVAUL."

    ( I know it's spelled incorrectly)

  19. Alistair Drennan says:

    I honestly didn't expect myself to watch that all in one sitting but it's so addictive, brings me such joy

  20. Maestus Fragile says:

    Rashidas laugh is so fucking Adorable… like at 19:15