Schuks! Pay Back the Money! 2015 Film Trailer

Schuks! Pay Back the Money! 2015 Film Trailer

Schuks! Pay Back the Money! 2015 Film Trailer

After losing rugby’s holy grail, the Currie Cup, Schuks (Leon Schuster) sets off on a hilarious journey to pay for what he has done. In lieu of a R1 million fine, the Sports Minister (Desmond Dube) offers Schuks a lifeline to create a documentary film that shows South Africa in a positive light.As the documentary takes shape, the Currie Cup traverses its own perilous journey as it moves from two clueless crooks, Bossie (Ivan Lucas) and Savage (Gerrit Schoonhoven), to an enterprising traffic officer and a conniving pawnbroker, among others.True to form, the documentary features a series of brand new candid camera gags for which Schuster is so well known, featuring unsuspecting South African citizens and a host of famous personalities and celebrities – both past and current.

Release Date: 28 August 2015
Country: South Africa
Language: English
Genre: Comedy
Director: Gray Hofmeyr
Cast: Leon Schuster, Desmond Dube, Ivan D. Lucas, Gerrit Schoonhoven
Video Rating: / 5



  1. Dhev Oh says:

    He looks real fake in this one

  2. mfundo advocate meyiwa says:

    great movie

  3. KayaKaZee says:

    Watched last Sunday, it was nice had some laugh!

  4. Stefano Kruger says:

    Leon Schuster just keeps messing up his own legacy! All for money – what a sell out!

  5. Maurice Raymond says:


  6. Sipho Ndaba says:

    Leon is really getting old for this now.

  7. Blooper1980 says:

    This film screams of retirement long over due…..

  8. Seanokeng Lefebvre says:


  9. Best Braai says:

    Stop with the voice overs on some scenes. Sounds horrible.
    Everything else is awesome

  10. Jhuan Beetge says:

    sorry Leon but i was at your opening today and i must say for the first time i was really disappointed just laughed about 4 times during the entire movie maybe next time

  11. mongezi tuis Kambule says:

    nice one, as usual u make us lol

  12. norm welthagen says:

    Okay I'm in!!!!

  13. MrRiggidig says:

    Ha ha lady at the end has 0% sense of humour.

  14. Jason Vander says:

    That last lady didn't want schuster to have her wine ..she moered him for that KBV??

  15. Robert Mandela says:

    where is shortie

  16. Dab Dab says:

    Ah where is shortie?

  17. Brian Bayer says:

    lol!!! "he used to call us pik swart", only SA understands that one

  18. v1p3r_ed says:

    Lyk soos 'n klomp kak dié, Leon Schuster moet ophou om 'n dom storie te wil by las en net mense met candid cameras vang soos sy classic goed. Al sy movies met 'n storie by was kak en die gewone gags is wat onthou word.

  19. Ati Chaos says:

    Oh Hail King Shcuks Schuster. Getting the beating

  20. kwanda damane says: