Google Gags And BlackBerry Tablets – SiliconANGLE News Roundup

Google replaced the familiar Google logo on its home page yesterday with a special Cesar Chavez logo, to commemorate his 86th birthday. Many users were angered by what they considered a slight to Christianity, believing that Easter was a more deserving event to honor. Google has yet to comment about the uproar.

A new law in Russia has been used to remove material from Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, and could lead way to more restrictions on internet content providers. Though many are upset with the Russian government’s disregard for free speech, calling the new law absurd and even harmful, it is likely that the Great Firewall of Russia is here to stay.

BitTorrent sites are staging an impressive comeback since January 19, 2012, when the U.S. DOJ shut down Megaupload. The Pirate Bay is leading the way as the most used file-sharing solution and Kim Dotcom’s new file-sharing venture, Mega, didn’t make a spot on the top 5 list, yet. If his comeback is successful, the cyberlocker industry might experience a resurgence in popularity.

A BlackBerry tablet, thought to be a full-sized model to compete with the iPad, is scheduled to be released later this year. BlackBerry also has plans for a brand new form factor. Next year, the company will release jumbo BlackBerry phones, known as phablets, to compete with devices like the Samsung Galaxy Note.

Lenovo is creating a special unit that will focus on smartphone and tablet chips in an effort to decrease reliance on other companies. Lenovo has used Samsung technology for a number of its smartphones, but when they were denied access to Samsung’s latest processor, the Exynos chip, the conflict of interest became evident, as Lenovo is Samsung’s greatest rival in China.

eBay is buying Delhi based Snapdeal in their long-lasting e-commerce chess game with Amazon. eBay is expected to earn more than eleven-billion dollars in revenue in 2015 from the marketplace model. With close to ten-billion dollars in surplus cash to invest outside the US, we can expect more strategic investment announcements from eBay in the future.

A number of high profile products are hitting the web today. Google Maps Treasure Mode was revealed. Users are invited to explore 2D hand drawn landmarks, find hidden treasures, and hopefully avoid dangers along the way. The Google Gags team is also responsible for handling the conclusion of the eight-year-long YouTube contest. The popular video site will be shut-down for several years, as Google tabulates the votes to determine the best video ever created. Speculations about the Google Gag Street Sense vehicles spotted recently in San Francisco were right on the mark. As many analysts predicted, the Street Sense technology powers the newly announced Google Nose search feature. Google Nose allows users to find out what their search queries smell like. Street Sense has captured and indexed millions of atmospheric miles of naturally occurring and artificial aromas. In partnership with the popular Blue Man Group, Gmail is shedding useless primary colors in favor of a color that will push the boundaries of what email can do: Blue. After 6 years of development, the Google Gags team believes that the color Blue will revolutionize how email is done – in blue. Everything is blue and it’s automatic – your text, the layout – everything: blue. Also, in other Google news, users of Google Analytics will be in for a surprise as astronauts on board the International Space Station have been busy a surfing the web today. A quick check of the real time map overview will show that all 41 employees from the ISS Control room have been hitting each page on the internet today – a huge task, even for rocket scientists.
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