Game Show Bloopers- Dumb Blonde (ORIGINAL)

Game Show Bloopers- Dumb Blonde (ORIGINAL)

Dumb Blonde on National Television couldn’t figure out what urban meant! Like+Share & Subscribe. Enjoy!
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  1. bill says:


  2. Charles 22 says:

    How much you want to bet this was staged? If this was on Oprah, it sure would had been. It don't take that much to stage this. The audience is probably ignorant of it. The girl just does very little acting, and Bob is already an actor. Simple enough.

    Just in case some of you think shows weren't staged 'way back in the old days', just remember how much those quiz shows staged things back in the fifties, and I don't mean the people knowing the answers in advance, I mean all the acting they did, like wiping their brows with handkerchiefs to add to the tension. As far as I know, the contestants on those quiz shows weren't actors either, but pretending you don't know the answer and wiping your brow, even the novice can do.

  3. epicbabybaluga says:

    what is the name of this show

  4. nicktesla45 says:

    So Cute, So innocent and naïve , that makes her Adorable !!  A true woman-child .

  5. Mike Mc Manus says:

    I feel a little sorry for her, and I wonder what he gave her and what struggles she might have gone through in her life. Be kind for everyone fights a hard fight..I did laugh though.

  6. martinh88 says:

    Her delivery of the punchline is outstanding.

  7. xaireyx says:

    heyy dont make fun of her i think i dont get it either lol? does it mean is he more city or more country?

  8. Sacha Jerome says:

    she tried to be the smart kardashian xD

  9. Hannible100 says:

    Yea now we got a fucking Gorilla and a Baboon for a first lady!

  10. mtrcross07 says:

    I know right, so cute 😀

  11. GentleGenius says:

    She's like a Stepford Wife.

  12. Raven' Beak Paul says:

    This is not funny at all, the dump are those who are entertain by this.

  13. uzerofutube says:

    I don't wanna be urban anymore.

  14. Dudeslove says:


  15. Andrew Warren says:

    Her eyes are freaking me out

  16. daniel parrott says:

    man she is hot and she is HOT !

  17. pvtrichter88 says:

    i think she's faking this in some ways i can't believe she doesn't know what this actually means but she got a great reaction from the audience!

  18. ThePatriotess1 says:

    "american stupidity is Europes fault?!' What are you, blonde?! At the time I was in Germany, (1987-1992) American TV shows like Mr. Ed and Green Acres were just STARTING to air in Eastern Europe, so I theorized this ancient tv clip must have come from Bosnia or Romania because the show just aired there. Get a grip, dumbass.

  19. Jim Schender says:

    I don't care what anyone thinks, but you have to admit she is kind of cute though.

  20. James Chadwick says:

    she is bang tidy