Glow Worms Turn This New Zealand Cave Into A Magical Starry Night

Something quite special dwells beneath the surface of New Zealand and these images prove that the country is just as beautiful below ground as it is above! Credit: Shaun Jeffers Photography The Waitomo area is famous for it’s limestone caves and within these caves are one of the most magical insects in the world, the […]

Funny School Fails Compilation || “School’s Out” By FailArmy 2016

The moment we have all been waiting for……..summer!!!! However, we couldn’t leave you without some funny academic fails to spice up the beginning of your summer holidays. Let us know what you think in the comment section down below. Don’t forget to submit your funny video to!!! Salute Source By FailArmy…

You Now Have Scientific Permission to Laugh at Stupid Videos

Source By esquire… Trying to explain why something is funny almost intrinsically makes said thing unfunny. It just is,okay? And yet, researchers still try to put this stuff into words and charts. In this case, the words they chose were the “benign violation” theory of humor. According to a study published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, this theory […]

Best Fails – Funny Videos 2016

Source By Wet Pants TV… The best funny videos and funny fails compilations. Try not to laugh when you are watching our compilations =) Wet Pants TV brings you a smile on your faces with best of web funny videos, epic fails, instant karma, funny jokes and pranks compilations.  

WhatsApp Funny Videos Indian [HD] | Indian Funny Videos | Latest Comedy Compilation

Source By Anonymous TV… WhatsApp Funny Videos Indian [HD] | Indian Funny Videos | Latest Comedy Compilation  

Sheridan Smith’s Funny Girl is a masterclass in musical comedy

Source By theguardian… As the Broadway star Fanny Brice, famously played by Barbra Streisand, Smith draws cheers, tears and gets a laugh out of every single line In the queue for the ladies at the Savoy theatre, several older women are wistfully talking of Barbra and how irreplaceable she is. I have to admit I haven’t […]

Alien Day’s most chest-bustingly funny Internet memes

Source By oregonlive… Did you get everything you wanted for Alien Day? That’s right: Tuesday was another made up geek holiday to celebrate the total awesomeness of a pop culture phenomenon. Sort of like Valentine’s Day with special edition posters, toys and Facehugger ski masks. The date (4-26) is a nod to LV-426, the moon where the xenomorphs […]


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Bloopers (2011 live concert tour)

Some bloopers during the tour. But these casts are amazing! they managed to be cute even with those bloopers. — credits: bulletdove KrliTTaa Tumadre520 BittersweetXstar audreyroseee mckaysolame bearc787 theaudioconverter mellyhorn myriadz83 Video Rating: / 5

★Bloopers ★ Vocaloid Live Action

¡Wola! Gente aquí traemos los Bloopers del mes de diciembre, para que se rían un poco en lo que acaba el año. ¡Wow! Ya se va el 2009 y vamos a darle paso al 2010, seguro nos traerá a todos grandes oportunidades y sueños =D. Recuerden que como acaben el año, empiezan el nuevo, así […]

live tv bloopers, funny stuff compilation

live tv bloopers, funny stuff Video Rating: / 5

Celine dion – Live mistakes/mishaps/bloopers – Part 1

Some funny live moments and bloopers, mistakes, falls and fails. THIS IS NOT A HATE VIDEO, I’M A CELINE DION FAN, HER FAILS ARE JUST FUNNY AND CUTE. the clips that I used in this video, are just video’s from youtube: 1) The grammy performance: 2) The Prayer performance with Andrea Bocelli: 3) […]