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Brave Movie Mistakes | Wrong With | Bloopers 2015 | Slipped Through Editing | Fails
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Here are some of the mistakes that Disney missed in the final production of Brave ..

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Brave Merida (Kevin McKidd), the impetuous, but courageous, daughter of Scottish King Fergus (Robbie Coltrane) and Queen Elinor (Emma Thompson), is a skilled archer who wants to carve out her own path in life. Her defiance of an age-old tradition angers the Highland lords and leads to chaos in the kingdom. Merida seeks help from an eccentric witch (Julie Walters), who grants her an ill-fated wish. Now, Merida must discover the true meaning of courage and undo a beastly curse before it’s too late.

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  1. Valeria Tiznado says:

    You forgot 2 mistakes

  2. Alivia Varner says:


  3. iNachos10 says:

    Some of these movie mistakes are wrong, like the 1st one is because of light.

  4. Nurina Hasanah says:

    ok i already comment. so, can you gove me a gift?

  5. Rihem Hannechi says:

    all of these "mistakes"have an explication only the last one

  6. Karel Aubun says:

    Good observation

  7. Yasmeena Elmahdy says:

    I saw a glitch in the 3rd dress and u HAVE to do minions movie mistakes. My dad will be bursted and so will i

  8. Colin Sim says:

    I watch this movie, Brave, but I didn't know that there were mistakes as saw this movie at all.

  9. Kami Mogensen says:

    South Park movie mistakes

  10. Kirsty Campbell says:

    We have many varieties of Hawk and Eagle in Scotland and the hawk in the film does not look like the hawk you compared it to. Other than that it's a good video :)

  11. Shea Murphy says:

    You should do a video on the new minions movie! :)

  12. Hannah Jackson says:

    How about the fact that her mom burns her bow, then she has it later in the movie?

  13. singingsun04 says:

    Number one was caused by light

  14. Mary Coleman says:

    sunlight, my gosh

  15. Austin Billings says:

    Do back to the future please

  16. AyeAye Kane says:

    Don't advertise your channel on children's channels, it's sad.

  17. Tigr3Girl TurtleLover says:

    I have the answer to the 1st mistake.

    The sunset makes that light more yellowish so the mixture is greenish.

  18. Techlien says:

    hey good vid i like it :D

  19. Ham Sandwhich says:

    Basically a 2 star cinema sins

  20. Samuel Calderón Pineda says:

    Can you make Río movie mistakes?