90% of UK office workers experience technology-related stress in meetings

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Technology-related meeting stress causes serious problems throughout the workplace, from lowered productivity to lost business and even missed promotions

The new research shows that 9 in 10 UK office workers experience seriously elevated stress levels when dealing with troublesome technology during meetings. People’s heart rates reached 179bpm when struggling with technology during a meeting, compared to resting heart rates of around 60-100 bpm – a clear indicator of stress.

Research went on to show that over half of UK business people who are regularly forced to take time away from their work to grapple with meeting room technology do so on a regular basis. This has serious negative implications for themselves, and for the business.

Meeting room technology which does not work seamlessly is a huge hindrance for productivity. Amongst the biggest challenges for UK employees were sharing content and screens, and finding the right cables to connect to in-room devices.

In trying to deal with tech problems, staff are wasting significant amounts of their valuable time: 60 percent try to fix problems themselves, 49 percent call IT/tech support, 30 percent end up giving up with the tech and going to their plan B. 15 percent even postpone meetings until technology problems can be fixed.

The vast majority actually pre-prepare for technology failures: preparing handouts as alternatives to tech, coordinating with IT in advance, and 44 percent even do a tech rehearsal.

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